Cursillo [pronounced "Ker-see-loh"] is a Spanish word, which means "short course".

It is a worldwide movement of the Christian Church, which seeks in its own unique way, to make it possible to experience living in a Christian Community for three very special days!

It is not a retreat as a Cursillo weekend differs from the individual solitude of retreats. It is a structured weekend, offering selected talks and discussions, interspersed with prayer, laughter, music and songs, with times of reflection and silence. It is a time for listening and sharing ideas presented by fellow Christians, who share the same sort of struggles as all of us.

Cursillo is an experience of Christian living

The weekend is an experience that can be a new beginning, or a place of refreshment and encouragement on your Christian walk. It is a crucible, from which simple and effective Christian influence in our communities can grow.

Cursillo weekends are unique because everyone’s experience of the Christian community is unique. We all “encounter” Christ differently, because He meets us where we are in our journey.

The weekend is a ministry of lay people to lay people, guided by the precepts of Scripture, within the ethos of the Anglican Church.

The idea of Cursillo is to encourage us to become disciples, or apprentices of Christ, so that we can become better equipped as Christians at work, and in the communities in which we live.

There is a Cursillo weekend for men, and one for women.

The weekends are separate, as it has been found that people are less inhibited when in the company of their own gender. There is ample opportunity for men and women to share their Cursillo experiences subsequently. Men’s and Women’s Cursillos are generally held on consecutive weekends … so that spouses can share and join in the rest of the journey together.


In order to attend a Cursillo weekend, you should have a desire to be active as a disciple of Jesus, have the capacity to cope with a highly structured weekend, and be at least 21 years old.

Each applicant is “sponsored” by someone who has already attended a weekend, who is growing in their relationship with God, and who is willing to share that growth with someone else.

As an applicant, there is no cost to you for the weekend – except 4 days of your life – That’s three days during the Cursillo weekend, and a fourth day afterwards. The weekend for you is a gift, your walk with the Lord is the primary focus, an offering of Christian love through caring and encouragement.